Teton Online School

Students may enroll in Teton School District 401 as an online student to complete standards-based, online coursework with the support of a highly qualified teacher. This option is available to students in grades K-12. Enrolling in Teton Online School gives students and families access to a local teacher and high quality digital resources to support learning at home. Enrolling in TOS helps support TSD401, as we are funded based on student attendance.

Our goal is to enable students and parents to have the flexibility of learning at home, without giving up the benefit of having a caring and LOCAL teacher contact who can provide daily in-person help when necessary.

In order to provide the highest quality education to all students, and ensure consistency, we ask that any family enrolling in Teton Online School commit to a full semester of online learning. Any requests to make changes before the semester, and at the semester, will include consideration of current in-person classroom sizes and current health status of the school/community.

If you are interested and wish to enroll, please contact your building principal.

Teton Online School for Grades K – 5

Teton Online School for Grades 6 – 12

Teton Online School